What is the difference between a wrap and vinyl graphics?

A wrap can completely change the appearance of your vehicle to have a unique, custom look through a special sheet of vinyl that graphics can be printed on.

Cut vinyl is created by cutting graphics from solid-colored sheets of vinyl that are then weeded away from the excess and applied to a vehicle. Also, with vinyl, you can’t print on extra graphics.

Cut vinyl is more like a traditional sign, whereas a wrap is more like a skin for your vehicle.

What is the cost-benefit of a vehicle wrap over traditional advertising?

A wrap that costs you $2,500 could last up to 10 years, is visible to your customers whenever you’re on the road, and can be seen any time you’re in public. Traditional advertising like radio and tv ads that cost you $2,500 may only run for a few months at particular times of day.

Will a vehicle wrap damage my vehicle?

In most cases, vehicle wraps will not damage factory paint jobs in any way. However, vehicles with poorly painted surfaces or that have areas where rust has been painted over may have paint chips pulled off if the vinyl is removed. Following a few simple care instructions will keep your original vehicle paint pristine.

Can a wrap be removed?

Yes. When you’re ready to be done with your wrap, we can easily remove the wrap and return your vehicle to its original state. This takes some time, so please be sure to schedule an appointment for this process.

Do I need to wash my vehicle before being wrapped?

YES. While we do clean your vehicle before we install a wrap, a typical car wash is more of a deep clean. So please bring your vehicle to us as clean as possible. If your vehicle is visibly dirty when it arrives, we will do a deep clean for you at a much higher price than a car wash.

What is the process of wrapping a vehicle?

We’ll begin with the design process by taking all your information and ideas, if you have them, and letting our creative team go to work. Using vehicle templates, we layout and design a proof that you can make changes to until a finalized design is ready. Once you’re happy with it, the graphics are printed onto vinyl and then laminated to ensure durability. Then, the vehicle is meticulously cleaned to ensure good adhesion of the vinyl to the body. The wrap is then installed, and, once finished, returned to you for years of advertising everywhere you go.

How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

Installation time depends on your vehicle size and the complexity of the vehicle’s shape. A full car wrap can be done in about two days. Larger vehicles, such as SUVs and buses, can take anywhere from 3-5 days. We work as fast as possible, but quality comes before speed, so please plan ahead so that your project doesn’t have to be rushed.

How do I care for my wrap?

Taking care of your wrap is simple:

  • Don’t use a power washer on your wrap or vehicle.
  • Don’t go through a “touchless” car wash. The high pressure from touchless car washes can get water underneath the vinyl and cause it to lift from the vehicle.
  • Be mindful of scratches that may occur from rough use (i.e., wrapped pickup beds may be scratched while loading and unloading if not careful).

What is the lifespan of a wrap?

Since we use premium vinyl products, the average wrap will last a minimum of five years, assuming you take proper care of your vehicle. If properly cared for, a vehicle wrap can last upwards of eight years or more.

Will my wrap fade?

Yes, your wrap will start to fade over time. Unfortunately, your vehicle can not always avoid exposure to the daily UV damage of the sun. However, you’re not wrapping your vehicle to set it in a garage, covered all day, to keep it from fading, right? You’re wrapping it to get the exposure of your business for the public eye to see.

Can damaged wraps be fixed?

Yes. In most cases, we can patch a damaged section or completely replace a panel if necessary.

What is the warranty on a wrap?

We will replace any defective panels up to one year after installation at our discretion. A defective panel is a printed sheet or laminate layer that is either peeling off for no reason or showing drastic discoloration in an unusually short amount of time.

However, we do not cover any damage that has been done because of poor care. So please be mindful when using your vehicle to avoid damage (i.e., a wrapped pickup bed may get scraped while loading and unloading).

If you get into an accident, etc., we can replace any panels, but you or your insurance company will be responsible for payment.

and Interior Signage

Will my sign withstand winter elements?

Yes. We only use weather-resistant materials such as acrylics, vinyl, and aluminum when making signs. This allows for a sign to last for years in both hot and cold climates.

How big can you make vinyl letters?

We can make vinyl letters and graphics as big as you can imagine. However, if the graphic is larger than 52” in height, there will be a small overlap to piece together the graphic to the right size. This is a common practice and the overlap won’t be noticed at all.